If you have someone you would like to put on the prayer list, please call 704-394-0109. If we can, by answered prayer, remove someone's name from the list, please advise us of that as well.

Jerry Stephens

Bill & Michelle Ward

Rachel Cox

Sue Cooley

Kenneth Bridges

Lisa Maillet

Louise Brindle         

Sue Cooley

Helen Huffstickler

Mark Whitney

Sherry Klutz

Betty Futch

Lori Stikeleather

Jerry Haigler

Zula Stafford

Sarah Blair

Razz Holman                           

Ada Griffin                   

Bob Teseniar            

Linda Hoffman         

Janis Rominger                  

Nellie Stowe    

Richard Masline             

Shirley Hardy

Kenneth Black

Doris Hovis

Betty Malcolm

Ron Watts

Our Nation                             

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Those affected by COVID     


"Then you will call upon Me and come to Me and pray to Me, and I will hear you."  JEREMIAH 29:12